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Company Updates

Client of the Week: This Food-Tech Startup Aims to Change the Way We Eat Video Now Available on SAP® App Center

No Resume Required: Partnering with Leading Employers Partners with Proactive Investors to Expand Investor Outreach Launches On-Demand Recruiter Academy

Client of the Week: Candidates Get Access to Two Leading Mortgage Lenders With This BPO FIRM CEO on How to Help 100,000 People Get Hired - No Resume Required

Who's Hiring: January 2021 Offers Video Resumes to 100,000 Unemployed People

Take the Recruiter Index Survey for December Interview to Air on Bloomberg International on the RedChip Money Report

Video: On-Demand Recruiting Trends

Video Interview: to Acquire OneWire

Recruiting Industry News Roundup from December 2020 to Acquire OneWire, a Leading Financial Services Hiring Platform

10 Reasons Why On-Demand Recruiting Will Be the Most Important Talent Acquisition Tool in 2021

Top 5 Recruiting Trends for 2021

Webinar: Top 10 Reasons for On Demand Recruiting in 2021 Discusses New Platform with Proactive Launches Upgraded AI and Video Enabled Hiring Platform

New Platform, Products, and Research - Company Update 12-14-20 Interview with Redchip money Report

Recruiter Podcast: Recruiting Trailblazers

Recruiter Platform 2.0 - New Look, New Features

Recruiter Index November 2020: Discussion to Present at LD Micro Main Event

Recruiter Index on CNBC: Jobs not coming as fast as in the past despite falling jobless claims

Who's Hiring: December 2020's Recruiter Index® to be Featured on CNBC for Seventh Consecutive Month Delivers Rapid Recruiting Results for Leading Call Center

Recruiting Industry News Roundup from November 2020

Client of the Week: One of the Largest Retail Mortgage Lenders in the Country Is Filling 100+ Roles Reports Third Quarter 2020 Results

October 2020 Recruiter Index® and Job Outlook Finds Remote Work May Be Key to Economic Recovery Client of the Week: This Mortgage Lender Has a 40 Percent Interview-to-Offer Ratio

Who's Hiring: November 2020

Recruiting Industry News Roundup from October 2020 Launches New Video Screening Platform Interview Aired on Bloomberg International on the RedChip Money Report

In the Mortgage Industry, Recruiters Have a New Opportunity to Maximize Earnings

The Mortgage Job Market Is Hot — Here's What You Need to Know About Landing a Job to Hold Investor Webinar and Q&A Session on October 6

Videos: CNBC Appearance & Panel Discussion's Recruiter Index® to be Featured on CNBC for Fifth Consecutive Month

Join for a Deep Dive Into the September 2020 Recruiter Index Report®

Recruiting Industry News Roundup from September 2020 Announces New Artificial Intelligence Platform

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