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Company Updates's CEO to Discuss Recruiter Index® Report on CNBC for Tenth Consecutive Month

Who's Hiring? March 2021 Launches Recruit Me Campaign to Progress Digital Hiring Transformation

Recruiting Industry News Roundup from February 2021 Welcomes the Scouted Team Launches Subscription Service for Curated Talent Partners with Fundomate, Brings Automated Capital Funding to its Community Amplifies Campaign to Deliver the Future of Hiring with Video Brings Video and Business Process Transformation to Its Network of 27K+ Recruiters

Remote hiring opportunities outpace in-person says CEO Acquires, a Video-based Candidate Insight Platform

Who's Hiring: February 2021

Earn Money Every Time a Candidate Completes an Interview Through Shareholder Letter Jan-21

Recruiter Podcast: Chris O'Connell: On Leadership, Mental Health and Personal Branding

Recruiting Industry News Roundup from January 2021

Invitation to Investor Forum with

Recruiter Discusses Bringing Video Solution to the Hiring Process

Interview: Academy

Client of the Week: This Food-Tech Startup Aims to Change the Way We Eat Video Now Available on SAP® App Center

No Resume Required: Partnering with Leading Employers Partners with Proactive Investors to Expand Investor Outreach Launches On-Demand Recruiter Academy

Client of the Week: Candidates Get Access to Two Leading Mortgage Lenders With This BPO FIRM CEO on How to Help 100,000 People Get Hired - No Resume Required

Who's Hiring: January 2021 Offers Video Resumes to 100,000 Unemployed People

Take the Recruiter Index Survey for December Interview to Air on Bloomberg International on the RedChip Money Report

Video: On-Demand Recruiting Trends

Video Interview: to Acquire OneWire

Recruiting Industry News Roundup from December 2020 to Acquire OneWire, a Leading Financial Services Hiring Platform

10 Reasons Why On-Demand Recruiting Will Be the Most Important Talent Acquisition Tool in 2021

Top 5 Recruiting Trends for 2021

Webinar: Top 10 Reasons for On Demand Recruiting in 2021 Discusses New Platform with Proactive Launches Upgraded AI and Video Enabled Hiring Platform

New Platform, Products, and Research - Company Update 12-14-20 Interview with Redchip money Report

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Recruiter Platform 2.0 - New Look, New Features

Recruiter Index November 2020: Discussion to Present at LD Micro Main Event

Recruiter Index on CNBC: Jobs not coming as fast as in the past despite falling jobless claims

Who's Hiring: December 2020's Recruiter Index® to be Featured on CNBC for Seventh Consecutive Month