RECRUITER INDEX September 2022

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Recruiter Index September 2022

Oct 06, 2022 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina

Insights and Predictions From the Recruiters, HR Professionals, and Talent Acquisition Experts on the Front Lines of the Job Market Today

Job Market Overview

The average recruiter sentiment took a slight dip this month to 3.5, matching April and May levels. The average amount of roles recruiters are working on per month, held steady at ten this September.


Candidate Close Up

Candidate sentiment took a slight dip this month to 3.6, still well above where it was last September. Application volume witnessed a slight decrease since August, but is still up 108 percent since June.


In-person roles claimed the number one spot this month, with fully remote and hybrid roles falling behind. In-person roles witnessed a 15 percent increase since August.


Our Recruiter Index tracks how many of the roles recruiters are working on are backfill vs. new roles. For the first time, no recruiters claimed that all of their roles were brand new. 30 percent of recruiters said 30 percent of the roles they are working on are brand new.


The September Index witnessed a big reshuffling when it came to candidates' priorities when looking for a job. Compensation dropped down by 41 percent, while work/life balance jumped up to the number one spot, increasing 37 percent since August. Compensation overtook management as the number one reason employees are leaving their current job.

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The September Recruiter Index showed that 53 percent of the recruiters surveyed reported a quarter to half of all candidates are currently employed. The amount of candidates who have had two jobs over the past two years increased by 15 percent since August, currently at 54 percent.


Over half of recruiters (55 percent) reported salaries increasing, up 8 percent since August. In terms of specific salary ranges, we saw increases in the ranges <$15 K (+3 percentage points), $15-40K (+9 percentage points), and $150K-$200K (+1 percentage point).


Most Active Industries

We asked recruiters across all verticals to identify the top three industries where demand for talent was highest in September.

Architecture / engineering held the number one spot with 45 percent of recruiters naing it the most in demand industry. Following architecture / engineering was apparel / fashion and accounting / auditing.

After a bounce back for IT / Software Engineering in August, IT dipped back down to the number six spot (4 percent).


Key Takeaways

  • Recruiters worked on an average of ten open roles in September, holding steady since August.
  • The average recruiter sentiment by month is calculated by asking how recruiters feel about the current job market. This month it witnessed a slight decrease to 3.5.
  • Candidate sentiment, a measure of how open candidates are to new roles, decreased to 3.6 - the second highest it has been all year.
  • In-person roles have yet again overtaken remote roles, 38 percent to 34 percent.
  • No recruiters claimed that all of their roles were brand new in September.
  • Work/life balance jumped 37 percent since August, jumping to the number one priority for candidates. Compensation was the main reason employees are leaving their current job.
  • Architecture / engineering was named the most in-demand industry for the second month in a row, followed by apparel / fashion and accounting / auditing.

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