RECRUITER UPDATES Announces Results of Recruiter Index for August 2022

Company Updates Announces Results of Recruiter Index for August 2022

Sep 14, 2022 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina

Shares insights on the labor market and hiring demand, a recruiting solutions platform, has released the results of's Recruiter Index for August 2022. 

For the second month in a row, candidate sentiment, the measure of how open candidates are to new jobs, increased, reaching the highest level of the year this August at 3.8/5. Recruiter sentiment, the measure of how recruiters feel about the job market, also increased for the second month in a row to 3.6 / 5 in August.

While the average number of roles recruiters are working on witnessed a large decline from 16 to 10 in August, the majority of recruiters noted an increase in applicant volume. Approximately 55 percent of recruiters reported an increase in applications, jumping 20 percent since July and 112 percent since June. 

Sohn addressed the decline in jobs by chalking it up to companies overhiring. “Companies are now being more careful with what they’re hiring, no longer just overhiring, but really focused on recruiting the right people,” said Sohn on CNBC’s ‘The Exchange.’ 

When asked how many jobs, on average, candidates have had over the past two years, 47 percent of recruiters said candidates have had two jobs, and 14 percent have had three jobs. 20 percent of recruiters said that nearly three-quarters of candidates they are speaking with about positions are currently employed 

What is pushing candidates out the door? Management. For the second month in a row management is the number one reason employees are seeking new jobs.  Following management (33 percent) is compensation (32 percent) and remote work (12 percent).

Compensation (27 percent) remained the number one priority for candidates looking for a new position. Following compensation was remote work (22 percent) and work/life balance (19 percent).

After in-person roles witnessed a decline last month, they have fallen behind to hybrid roles in August. 36 percent of recruiters reported the majority of the roles they are currently filling are hybrid. Although they took the lead the breakdown between hybrid, in-person (33 percent), and fully remote (31 percent) is fairly evenly distributed. 

The most in-demand industries witnessed another reshuffling in August with architecture/engineering claiming the number one spot with 35 percent of recruiters naming it the most in-demand industry. After witnessing a 67 percent decline in July, IT bounced back to the number two industry with 25 percent of recruiters naming it the most in demand. 

When recruiters were asked what roles they see the most demand for, the top 10 recruiting roles included:

  1. Architecture/Engineering: 35% (+15% from July)
  2. IT/Software Engineering: 25% (+12% from July)
  3. Automotive: 24% (-4% from July)
  4. Recruiting/Staffing: 10% (+/- 0 from July)
  5. Apparel/Fashion: 9% (-13% from July)
  6. Medical/Healthcare: 9% (+/-0 from July)
  7. Accounting/Auditing: 8% (-9% from July)
  8. Sales: 6% (+1% from July)
  9. Hospitality: 5% (-3% from July)
  10. Real Estate: 3% (+2% from July)

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