RECRUITER UPDATES LinkedIn Network Reaches 1 Million Members

Company Updates LinkedIn Network Reaches 1 Million Members

Sep 15, 2022 / by  Jackson Weimer
Jackson Weimer

After creating some of the first ever LinkedIn communities in the early days on LinkedIn in 2007, is excited to celebrate a large milestone in our biggest LinkedIn group, The Network. After seeing tremendous growth with active members in the past few months, we have officially crossed the 1,000,000 member milestone.

Miles Jennings, the Founder of, created this group in the early stages of the company as a place for recruiters to share roles they were recruiting for and as a space for conversations about trends and happenings in the talent community. In the coming years, thousands of recruiting professionals from across the globe and spanning multiple industries have joined the community.

In the talent industry, even more so for recruiters, who you know and have access to can set you up for success in your current job and for your professional path. Being a member of the LinkedIn community provides you with thousands of networking opportunities from professionals at exciting companies and enticing conversations that previously were difficult to come across at scale. Posts have evolved from a previous posting standard of any open role goes, to focusing solely on helping recruiters get new recruiting jobs, as well as providing curated knowledge about the talent industry and intriguing polls meant to start conversations about new trends in the recruiting world. This added value has allowed recruiters to land their next role and help with prospecting and sourcing of talent for their own roles. 

Not everyone loves spending time on LinkedIn, but according to a 2022 Kinsta research study, “of those LinkedIn users who are frequently engaging with the platform, 40% access it on a daily basis, clocking up over 1 billion interactions every month.” For those folks who enjoy spending their days on work-Facebook, surprisingly, being involved in groups has fallen by the wayside, which makes active and growing groups like the Network even more impressive. There are over 70+ posts that are requested to be approved in the group per day, but, with more people joining, only posts that are relevant to the community are being allowed; we believe this change has greatly increased the quality of the experience for all group members. 

Most of the group’s growth can be attributed to brand awareness and word-of-mouth networking on LinkedIn. It’s difficult to grow a group on LinkedIn in the current day, because no longer are group posts shown in your normal LinkedIn feed; you have to go to a group on the sidebar of LinkedIn to see content that has been posted recently. Nonetheless, since is focused on providing a quality over quantity, more people are coming back to the group to see what has been posted, as we have seen a 76% increase in active members since this change. 

As the recruiting world evolves more to be a people-first industry, finding pockets of people to connect with in your industry becomes increasingly important, especially online. The Network aims to continue to be a place where recruiting talent can connect and learn from each other and progress the talent industry to be a better place. 

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Written by Miles Jennings

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