Recruiting Industry News Roundup from November 2021

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Recruiting Industry News Roundup from October November 2021


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Recruiting Industry Investments / M&A Activity

  • Talent marketplace Fiverr acquires freelancer management platform Stoke Talent. (source)
  • Talent acquisition software suite Lever raises $50 million in Series D funding. (source)
  • Hiring software company Greenhouse acquires sourcing automation solution Interseller. (source)
  • Staffing software provider Bullhorn acquires business intelligence platform cube19. (source)
  • Payroll and HR provider Gusto acquires Remote Team, an HR platform for distributed workforces. (source)
  • Healthcare workforce management platform ShiftMed raises $45 million. (source)
  • Seafair, a recruiting platform focused on seafarers and shipping operators, raises $5.7 million. (source
  • Executive search firm Focus Search Partners acquires Southerland Group. (source)
  • SaaS HR services provider Moka raises $100 million in Series C funding. (source)
  • Workforce intelligence platform Bridgit raises $19.4 million in Series B funding. (source)
  • Bite Ninja, a remote workforce tool for restaurants, raises $4 million in seed funding. (source)
  • Recruitment firm Vaco acquires talent acquisition and outsourcing firm Bay State Search. (source)
  • Assessment provider PSI Talent Management acquires assessment and development consultancy Propel International. (source)
  • High-volume applicant tracking system Fountain raises $85 million in Series C funding. (source)
  • Rowan Executive Search receives strategic investment from private equity firm LCap Group. (source)
  • Recruitment firm Hudson Global Inc. acquires recruiting services provider Karani. (source)
  • Workforce solutions provider EmployBridge completes acquisition of Hire Dynamics. (source)
  • Talent acquisition solutions firm Hirewell receives $21 million investment from Prytek Holdings Pte. Ltd. (source)
  • Talent management platform PageUp acquires both talent acquisition suite eArcu and SaaS platform PathMotion. (source 1, source 2)
  • QuickHire, a career discovery platform for service workers, raises $1.41 million. (source)
  • Data-driven hiring platform Crosschq receives strategic investment from Okta Ventures and leading HR talent executives as part of its Series A extension. (source)
  • Workforce management provider Papaya Global acquires remote work connectivity platform NickNack. (source)
  • Executive search firm Blue Rock Search acquires ReCreation's HR executive search practice. (source)
  • Seasoned, an app-based hiring tool for restaurants, raises $18.7 million in Series A funding. (source)
  • Healthcare recruitment platform Trusted raises $149 million in combined Series B and Series C funding. (source)
  • Talent solutions provider Caldwell acquires psychometrics consultancy Applied Behavioral Academy. (source)

Must-Read Reports

We're not out of the woods just yet, but a couple of new reports offer some beacons of hope amid the post-COVID talent crunch.

  • The U.S. Department of Labor reports that weekly jobless claims have fallen to their lowest level since 1969. (source)
  • CompTIA finds hiring activity for tech workers hit a two-year high in the U.S. (source)

Company News

  • Crelate launches new mobile app experience allowing smartphone access to key features of the Crelate Omni platform. (source)
  • RPO provider Pierpoint International launches sister company Parasolve, dedicated to outsourced software development. (source)
  • France's Peoplespheres partners with Canopy Workforce Solutions to bring the Peoplespheres platform to the U.S. (source)
  • Recruitment marketing software provider Clinch partners with Hiretual for integrated hiring solution. (source)
  • ADP WorkMarket announces new analytics dashboard feature offering improved visibility into the freelance workforce. (source)
  • Jump Recruits releases new, enhanced diversity recruitment talent hub. (source)
  • HR software provider Paycor HCM, Inc., releases new predictive resignation feature. (source)
  • Dice launches Unbiased Sourcing Mode to support blind hiring. (source)
  • Scribe's new Smart Embed feature aims to simplify onboarding with automated workflow documentation. (source)
  • After acquiring Harver earlier this year, Outmatch transitions to the Harver name and branding. (source)
  • SmartSearch launches SmartSearch University to help users better leverage its platform. (source

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