RECRUITER UPDATES CEO Evan Sohn Joins CNBC’s Power Lunch with Kelly Evans and Tyler Mathisen

Company Updates CEO Evan Sohn Joins CNBC’s Power Lunch

Nov 08, 2021 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina

Evan Sohn discusses the October Recruiter Index and Job’s Report on CNBC’s Power Lunch’s CEO Evan Sohn joined Kelly Evans and Tyler Mathisen on CNBC’s Power Lunch on Friday, November 5, at 2 PM EST. Sohn discussed the current job market and revealed findings from’s October Recruiter Index, regarding backfill rolls.

“We’re very excited about the 551 thousand jobs that were added last month, but if you look at where we were a year ago, October 2020, we actually added 638 thousand jobs,” said Sohn, “so there were more jobs added last year with no vaccine, no covid pill, mask mandates everywhere than we had now.”

Sohn stated that for the first time backfill roles exceeded the number of new roles.  Up from an even 50% in September, 53% of the jobs recruiters reported on in October were from backfill.

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