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Company Updates Company Update 3-10-20

Mar 10, 2020 / by  Miles Jennings
Miles Jennings

At, we share frequent company updates about our progress as a community of recruiting professionals and as a technology platform business changing the way companies hire. We'll also share updates about our general business, for various stakeholders such as investors and partners. With that said, here is an update for this week from Recruiter, updated today (3/12/20) with a statement about the Coronavirus.

Navigating through COVID-19

COVID-19 or the Coronavirus is an issue of tremendous scale and human impact. Our hearts go out to everyone that has been affected by the virus and that are worrying about their loved ones. As a business, we want to first ensure the safety of our staff and partners, and then determine how we can best be of help. Our work environment lends itself very well to virtual environment and we already operate much of our business remotely, so our work should be entirely unaffected as we leverage our virtual environment for our staff.

In terms of how we can help: a few months ago, we launched our new healthcare recruiting practice. We took steps to build a specialized network of healthcare recruiters, and hired a senior staff member to lead this effort. To that end, we stand very much ready to assist with any additional healthcare talent requirements for clinical and non-clinical roles. We hope we can play a small part in any efforts to provide additional staff and assist with preparedness efforts.

To our entire community, let's exercise caution and ensure that health and safety comes first. I personally am very encouraged to see the slowing down of the previously exponential growth in certain countries, and hope that we are well on our way to containing the virus globally. With that said, here is the rest of our normal weekly update:

Client & Partner Successes

Calling client

  • While we focused most recently on building our healthcare practice, the jobs on the platform continue to be extremely diverse. We are currently engaged on everything from an executive level marketing professional with a rapidly growing startup to this week (we kid you not) funeral directors for a new client. We recently wrote about the effectiveness of a network approach to recruiting when it comes to job diversity and scale, and we feel that this approach will continue to be validated.
  • We are finding an additional source of success by partnering with recruitment and staffing agencies. This week, we saw a number of successful placements with recruitment agencies that partnered with to increase their capacity for delivery. This is an interesting model for us and we expect to see the way we partner with firms continue to evolve and grow.
  • launched an effective solution for employers looking to diversify their procurement spend with a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE). Employers can now reap the benefits of a diversity supplier, which, in turn, empowers with the global network of recruiters. Through the DVBE program, can help provide a wide range of recruiting and consulting services, covering direct-hire and contract programs.

Growth and Effectiveness of the Recruiter Network

recruiter network
  • Our network of independent recruiters has been growing rapidly lately. The past two weeks show less than our peak, but above the trend-line for the year. We continue to focus most on engagement with recruiters. We recently opened up all day, continuous chat with our recruiter teams, and this communication has been especially fun to see.
  • In terms of performance, we recently discussed the metrics of recruiter placements and related that to traditional recruiting. This was an excellent exercise for us internally, as it keeps us focused on executing for our clients, and gave us insight into where things are headed.

Recruiters on Demand Trial


After launching our new flexible monthly recruiting solution, Recruiters on Demand, last week, we announced it with a blog and press release. We were excited to get discussions going with our first few accounts.

This week, we are announcing the availability of a $499 flat fee recruiting trial project through Recruiters on Demand, which gives our clients the quick support of a professional recruiter. After evaluation, clients can move to longer term engagements with the recruiter.

We are rolling out updates on the platform to give recruiters the ability to note their interest and availability in Recruiters on Demand projects. Recruiters will also be able to signify their requested hourly rates for such consulting projects, either on-site or virtually for our clients. Our team is currently testing this functionality and we anticipate releasing this platform update next week.

First Dedicated Healthcare Recruiting Team

Healthcare recruiting

We've been focusing over the past few weeks on developing our Healthcare recruiting network. This is a very specialized area that needed special attention, especially with a number of large hospitals coming on as clients.

Besides the many hundreds of recruiters with healthcare and medical recruiting and staffing experience, this week we are also excited to launch the first of many healthcare recruiting teams dedicated to a particular client. We started this client team of 25 recruiters for one large client. If you are a recruiter and are interested in joining this or other dedicated client teams, please sign up with a recruiter account.

Featured Recruiting Research & RecruiterToday

recruiting newsOn RecruiterToday, our recruiting publication, we published the following articles on company management, recruitment, culture and business metrics:

Notes from Last Week's Update

In case you didn't catch last week's update, here are some items you don't want to miss:

  • published our latest monthly report on news within the recruiting sector.
  • We announced through a corporate public filing (an 8K) that filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware a Certificate of Designation of Series B Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock. This signifies that Recruiter intends to raise money through this investment vehicle to propel our growth further as a company
  • We reported on three new recruiting solutions case studies about successful hiring projects for enterprise clients. We highlighted placing a wide range of talent for a residential energy company, high-volume recruiting at an oil field services company, and a partnership with a mid-sized staffing company to help them increase their business.


Please feel free to learn more about and contact us if you are interested in getting involved.



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