Large Oil Field Services Company Rapidly Insources Its Trucking Workforce

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Large Oil Field Services Company Rapidly Insources Its Trucking Workforce

Feb 20, 2020 10:17:07 PM / by  Miles Jennings


  • Client: A large oil field services company choosing to insource its trucking and transport infrastructure.
  • Talent Demand: The client had traditionally outsourced its trucking needs, but it decided it made more financial sense to develop its own trucking department. The client needed hundreds of qualified truckers in a relatively short time frame. However, because the client had outsourced for so long, it did not have an existing database of trucking talent to draw from.
  • Types of Positions: The trucking field is a highly competitive talent market facing significant shortages of qualified drivers. Further complicating the client’s plans, truckers often need particular certifications to work in oil field services. The client needed a way to source large numbers of qualified, credentialed drivers in a short period of time.
  • Recruiting Solution: Using its AI sourcing technology, rapidly compiled a pool of more than 50,000 potentially qualified drivers. then leveraged its network of 25,000+ independent recruiters to vet and connect with candidates. The client created hiring events around the country, which promoted to its talent pool. Recruiters from the network attended these hiring events in person to engage qualified candidates.
  • Result: assisted the client in quickly ramping up its hiring efforts, resulting in hundreds of placements in a matter of months.

Ramp Up High-Volume Hiring Efforts

The client was looking to bring its trucking and transport needs in house within an aggressive time frame. However, because the client had previously outsourced its trucking needs, it had neither an existing talent database nor a recruiting strategy in place to source drivers quickly enough. Compounding the matter, qualified drivers with the proper certifications to work in oil field services are in short supply.

By partnering with, the client was able to rapidly scale its hiring efforts, going from zero drivers on staff to hundreds in just a few months. Using AI hiring tools, swiftly assembled a massive talent pool, and it drew on its network of independent recruiters to vet and engage with these candidates across the country. The combination of’s technology, expertise, and wide geographical reach allowed the client to move ahead with its insourcing plans without delays.


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Written by Miles Jennings

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