Who's Hiring? May 2021

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Who's Hiring? May 2021


The April Recruiter Index® saw an uptick in in-person roles, with 42.1 percent of recruiters reporting that most of the jobs they were working to fill were in-person roles. That fact is reflected in May's list of companies hiring today, with roles in retail, home healthcare, logistics, and similar fields comprising the bulk of what's available now.

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Who’s Hiring Across the Country?

  1. Dollar General: The bargain retailer is hiring for over 70,000 roles across the country, including sales associates, financial analysts, and warehouse workers.
  2. Amazon: The eCommerce giant still has close to 50,000 open roles on LinkedIn, including copywriters, recruiters, and warehouse safety specialists.
  3. Taco Bell: The fast-food brand is advertising 49,000 open roles, and it's bringing out the big guns to capture candidates' attention, touting scholarship opportunities and flexible hours among its benefits.
  4. CVS: The pharmacy chain's nearly 40,000 open roles include copywriters, operations managers, and vaccine support specialists.
  5. All American Home Care: The Pennsylvania-based home healthcare company is really a stand-in for the booming caregiving industry as a whole. All American Home Care is pursuing home health aides so strongly that its offering sign-on bonuses and on-the-job training for candidates with no prior experience.
  6. Chase: The bank chain is hiring for 6,000+ jobs, including asset analysts, fraud specialists, and client services associates.
  7. Marriott International: Hospitality took a beating over the last year, but the industry is now dusting itself off, as evidenced by the hotel chain's 6,000+ open roles on Monster.
  8. Tesla: The electric car manufacturer is hiring for more than 5,000 roles, including project coordinators, engineers, and content specialists.
  9. Pilot Flying J: The truck stop chain is looking to fill more than 5,000 roles, including cashiers, fuel truck drivers, and maintenance roles.
  10. Fiserv: The fintech company has more than 1,000 open roles, including web developers, warehouse associates, and business analysts.

Where Else to Look:

  • Monster keeps a running tally of the companies with the most hiring activity on its platform over the last 30 days.
  • Indeed curates an extensive list of companies hiring now. 
  • LinkedIn maintains a regularly updated list of actively hiring companies.
  • JobScan runs a continuously updated list that covers openings at a lot of smaller companies, which tend to be absent from the lists put out by the bigger platforms.

Written by Miles Jennings

CEO of