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Engineering Leader Grows Specialized Civil Engineering Function

Feb 14, 2020 / by  Miles Jennings
Miles Jennings

Engineering Recruiting

Recruiting Case Study: Specialized Senior Engineers

  • Client: A major multi-discipline engineering and architecture firm that serves the public sector, aviation and healthcare industries with technical and professional engineering solutions.
  • Talent Demand: Client had traditionally relied on internal talent acquisition to fill engineering roles. A strong job market and highly specialized open engineering positions required client to search for engineering recruiting support.
  • Engineering Roles: New projects and opportunities required the client to immediately hire a team of senior-level civil engineering roles with specialized skills such as aviation architectural design.
  • Recruiting Solution: activated the job to its network of specialized recruiters, focusing on recruiters with highly specialized backgrounds in engineering and technical  recruiting. In less than one month with this new client, placed two highly specialized professionals with CE/PM Aviation and CE/PM Water experience.
  • Result: Client continues to use to power its recruiting success, in particular for its specializing engineering roles.

Innovations in Engineering

With innovations in technology and manufacturing, the engineering sector is undergoing exciting and rapid changes.

Developments in engineering, powered by software, technology, and process methodologies are revolutionizing the profession and accelerating demand for top engineering talent. Artificial intelligence promises further breakthroughs in engineering science. Research and development in engineering, architectural engineering, and manufacturing have seen healthy investments in the past few years, further propelling the sector forward. 

Recruiting Engineering Talent

A tight labor market and increasing specialization in engineering skills have caused experienced engineers to be a hot commodity. Because of its niche vernacular and technical nature, recruiting for engineering roles tends to be segmented only to recruiters with knowledge of the industry and/or a technical backgrounds.’s global network of independent recruiters includes specializing engineering recruiters that can rapidly respond to demand for highly specialized engineering talent.


Whether you are innovating new projects through your research or development team, are hustling to beat your competitors to market, or need initial product design and development, offers the engineering recruiting expertise that you need.

Contact for your engineering recruiting talent needs.

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