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Recruiting Industry News Roundup from May

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Welcome to Recruiter Roundup, a monthly look at the most exciting recruiting and HR industry news.To kick things off, had the chance to present the findings of our Recruiter Index survey live on CNBC last night. See the video below:

Last month, we reported on the results of our inaugural Recruiter Index® survey, which found that many recruiters felt the worst effects of COVID-19 on hiring would be limited to the immediate term. The results of our second survey, taken during May, suggest those recruiters were right: Average job requirement load per recruiter has risen from 12 to 15, and a clear majority of recruiters across industries — 60.4 percent — believe their job requirement loads will increase in the next 90 days, compared to 38.5 percent who said the same in April. See the full results of our second Recruiter Index® survey here.

Recruiting Industry Investments / M&A Activity

While the pandemic has dampened mergers, acquisitions, and investments to some degree, we’re still seeing a healthy amount of activity in the HR and recruiting technology space — especially for those companies leveraging artificial intelligence. In general, AI-related funding has fared very well throughout the pandemic. VentureBeat notes that U.S.-based AI startups raised $6.9 billion in the first quarter of 2020.

Must-Read Reports

Fiscal reports from recruiting giants Heidrick & Struggles and Robert Half offer some interesting insights into how COVID-19 is affecting industry revenues. Hedrick & Struggles saw flat revenue compared to Q1 2019, while Robert Half saw a 3 percent gain. While it remains to be seen how Q2 plays out for these and other firms, it’s heartening that Q1 didn’t prompt precipitous declines.

In other good news, the ASA Staffing Index reports that staffing jobs are starting to recover from the massive dip they took at the beginning of the pandemic. From the end of April to mid-May, staffing jobs saw modest gains for three weeks in a row, a hope-inspiring signal to be sure.

Company News

Savvy recruiting and staffing firms have been homing in on the pockets of hiring spurred by the pandemic since the earliest days of lockdowns, but we’re now seeing the birth of entire organizations dedicated to COVID-related hiring. See, for example, Contact Tracer Staff, which focuses exclusively on helping U.S. states hire contact tracers. It will be interesting to see how such firms pivot — or don’t — once the crisis has passed.

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