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Communication Tech Startup Rapidly Expands Customer Support Team

Feb 14, 2020 / by  Miles Jennings
Miles Jennings

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Recruiting Case Study: Customer Support Specialists

  • Client: A technology leader in customer acquisition and customer support communication, that provides businesses with ways to personalize their customer experiences.
  • Talent Demand: Client had an advanced sourcing strategy for high-volume hiring of customer support personnel, including multiple recruitment process outsourcing vendors, staffing firms, and internal recruitment marketing and employment branding efforts. An exceptionally high amount of new opportunities, combined with mediocre performance from their current vendors, created the need to look for innovative new recruiting solutions. 
  • Customer Support Roles: Client strongly invests in training and benefits for their employees. In turn, they require each customer support team member to come with the right set of personality attributes, can-do attitude, technology skills, and relationship management abilities. By setting the bar very high for entry-level positions, the Client lays the groundwork for a positive, attractive, and long-term focused company culture, rare in the industry. 
  • Recruiting Solution: built a recruitment process centered around technology-enabled candidate outreach, and systematic use of AI-powered candidate matching inside proprietary databases. Intelligent use of the independent recruiters add the human-touch to recruitment workflows and processing of applicants to the customer support positions.
  • Result: was able to ramp up a team of over 40 customer support specialists in less than 10 weeks, far surpassing the results from incumbent, traditional recruiting solution providers.

Recruiting Customer Support Talent

A low unemployment rate and rapid-fire hiring by large, mostly technology-oriented companies, has made hiring quality customer service personnel difficult, particularly in large numbers. In addition, many entry-level professionals do not have fully-developed resumes, making qualifying and screening for the right experience challenging. uses advanced recruitment marketing techniques, established talent pools and databases, and artificial intelligence matching to enable sourcing customer support talent at scale. Combined with’s global network of independent recruiters, offers a unique and powerful method for accelerating your high-volume hiring efforts.


If you need to quickly ramp up your sales or customer support personnel, has the expertise to deliver exceptional recruiting service.

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