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May 11, 2022 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 11.41.19 AM’s CEO, Evan Sohn, joined Yahoo!Finance to discuss the April jobs report and the outlook of the economy, including the shift from the Great Resignation to a job hopper economy. 

Sohn states that many companies are overhiring in order to help keep up with accelerated churn. “They were sort of planning for the attrition and stocking up on employees like you and I would stock up on Purell pre-pandemic,” explained Sohn.

Sohn goes on to explain that the applicant pool for positions is growing as more and more jobs do not require college degrees. “We actually hit a record number in April, where 36% of the jobs that the recruiters were working on did not require a college degree. So not surprised the pools are actually increasing also,” said Sohn. 

The full interview can be found here.

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