RECRUITER UPDATES Joins ThinkFuture Podcast

Company Updates Joins ThinkFuture Podcast

Apr 06, 2022 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina’s CEO, Evan Sohn, joined the thinkfuture podcast with Kalaboukis to discuss the growth story of 

“We’re really augmenting a company's own talent acquisition abilities with on-demand tools and services,” said Sohn when describing the company. 

Sohn dives into what he thinks the future of hiring will look like, predicting the evolvement of the standard resume and companies adapting to hiring for the moment or a specific skill-based project. “We’re really shifting to a skills-based society - “it’s not where you work, it’s what you did at that job," said Sohn. 

Sohn also predicts that within 10 years, every company with at least 20-25 people will be spending money on talent acquisition and retention. 

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