RECRUITER UPDATES Joins the Growth Driven Podcast

Company Updates Joins the Growth Driven Podcast

Mar 11, 2022 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina’s CEO, Evan Sohn, joined the Growth Driven podcast with Edwin Dearborn to discuss today’s job market. Sohn dove into the macrotrends that are happening in the industry today, including the current talent shortage and working from home. 

“In 2022, finding people is a full-time job. That is really what has changed since the pandemic,” said Sohn. 

Sohn shares that the U.S. will spend $50B more on hiring in 2022. “We believe that companies, certainly of 50 and above, will have spent money on talent acquisition and retention,” he said, “Employers that recognize and invest in recruiting and retaining talent will be rewarded with greater efficiency and productivity.”

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