RECRUITER UPDATES Joins the Career Warrior Podcast

Company Updates Joins the Career Warrior Podcast

Mar 08, 2022 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina’s VP of Marketing, Angela Copeland, joined the Career Warrior Podcast to discuss how to make your career change an asset in your job search. 

Copeland touched on how the job market has evolved and employers like seeing variety in one’s work experience. Employees are no longer staying at one job for years on end, but instead more frequently changing professions altogether to an area that may be a better fit. 

“If you find an area that is a better match for you, very often you will rise more in your career, you’ll get promotions, you’ll get recognition - once you find that thing that drives you, that you’re good at. If you just stick on the path of least resistance that you kind of fell into that just may be the status quo forever,” said Copeland. 

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