RECRUITER UPDATES Welcomes Recruiting Social Team

Company Updates Expands with Recruiting Social Team

Jul 14, 2020 / by  Miles Jennings
Miles Jennings

Recruiting Welcomes Recruiting Social Team

At, we bring an agile marketplace approach to recruiting and staffing. We empower organizations to hire specialized talent faster by tapping into a vast network of independent recruiters to scale their recruiting efforts up or down as needed.

Taking this philosophy further, in February, we introduced Recruiters on Demand (ROD), a flexible monthly solution that offers employers a way to scale their recruiting teams without adding full-time hires. Through ROD, employers can augment their existing recruiting teams by hiring anywhere from one recruiter to an entire team on an as-needed basis. RPOs and recruiting firms can also add recruiting delivery capacity by tapping into the RoD platform.

Today, we’re proud to announce that is taking a giant leap forward by bringing on the entire team from Recruiting Social.  

On-Demand Recruiting Expertise

Recruiting Social has long been a leading name in on-demand recruiting, with a focus on providing recruiters on a flexible, monthly basis to augment talent acquisition teams. Their team shares’s commitment to bringing the human element back to recruiting. As the Recruiting Social team joins, they’ll be leveraging their in-depth expertise to amplify the power and reach of the Recruiters on Demand solution to help find more best-fit matches between employers and employees.

Chad McRae, Founder and President of Recruiting Social, will be assuming the role of Senior Vice President of Recruiters on Demand. Chad is a true recruiting leader with more than 12 years of experience in talent acquisition, recruiting process design, and international recruitment. He has provided recruiting strategy to organizations including Activision, OpenX, Hearts & Science, Grindr, HSBC, (a division of Amazon), du Telecom, Rubicon Project, and WPP. A well-known recruiting industry persona, Chad has been featured in the Huffington Post, SHRM, The Undercover Recruiter, CBS Pulse, and the reality web series Top Recruiter

Expanded Solution Offering

The Recruiting Social team brings a wealth of cutting-edge best practices and a stable of new clients to For current clients, we look forward to expanding our solution offering and improving our capacity for talent delivery. We are excited to continue the success of Recruiting Social and Recruiters on Demand as we move into the second half of 2020 with:

  • A Distinguished Portfolio of Products and Services – recruitment solutions ranging from on-demand recruiting support and success-based full-time and contract recruiting and staffing to a wider array of SaaS recruiting products and services, including video interviewing anticipated in fall 2020.
  • The Network - more than 26,000 small and independent recruiters with specialties that range across healthcare, energy, IT services, executive recruiting, and more.
  • Continued Innovation – investments in platform product innovation, artificial-intelligence-based job matching, automated talent sourcing and candidate campaigning, and video screening to serve your talent requirements.

Building Next-Generation Recruiting

This combination creates an organization that is even better able to serve employers, with access to a greater breadth of recruiters available to hire through our on-demand solution and a full suite of recruiting tools and solutions.

At, we empower businesses to recruit specialized talent faster. We are confident that our greatly expanded Recruiters on Demand team will help serve this aim and continue to drive exceptional results for our clients.


Employers, get help with your recruiting and hiring initiatives by emailing to learn more, or contact us through the Recruiters on Demand info page.

Recruiters, join the Recruiters on Demand team by emailing or by updating your settings on the platform.


Written by Miles Jennings

CEO of