RECRUITER UPDATES CEO Joins the Build Your Success Podcast 

Company Updates CEO Joins the Build Your Success Podcast

Jan 03, 2022 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina’s CEO, Evan Sohn, joined the Build Your Success podcast with Brian Brogen to discuss the Great Resignation, the interview process today, and how recruiting software can help companies recruit top-notch talent. 

“I could interview anytime I want, there’s no stigma in leaving my job, I can work from anywhere, I can hire from anywhere - these are all the things that are propelling this job hopper economy and the Great Resignation,” said Sohn.

Sohn and Brogen also spoke about what being a leader really means. 

“Ownership is not about micromanaging - it’s about setting a vision, setting a mission, and making sure you’re communicating that mission throughout your organization and empowering others to really succeed in their missions as well,” said Sohn. 

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