RECRUITER UPDATES CEO Evan Sohn Joins HReSource Podcast with David Laud

Company Updates CEO Evan Sohn Joins HReSource Podcast with David Laud

Oct 27, 2021 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina

CEO Evan Sohn Joins David Laud on HReSource Podcast CEO Evan Sohn joined David Laud on the HReSource Podcast to discuss hire authority, his passion for the recruitment industry, and the Sohn Conference Foundation.

Sohn recalled a time back in elementary school when his entrepreneurial mindset first started to show by flipping baseball cards with his classmates. “I would stake them every day with a handful of cards, and they would flip for me during the day, bring back all their winnings, and I would give them a piece of the action,” said Sohn. 

Now CEO of, Sohn’s goal is to figure out what makes a person fantastic and make sure everyone is in a role that will emphasize that. He shared that employees of follow the three core values, “be an owner, be bold, and be human.”

Sohn and Laud also discuss the job hopper economy and how we are currently in the Golden Age of talent acquisitions. “The average tenure at a job is now changing forever,” said Sohn. “Every candidate today is more valuable than they were a year ago. From the CEO to the blockchain developer to the factory worker willing to walk into a factory.”

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