RECRUITER UPDATES CEO Evan Sohn Joins CNBC’s The Exchange

Company Updates CEO Evan Sohn Joins CNBC’s The Exchange

Dec 03, 2021 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina’s CEO Evan Sohn joined CNBC’s “The Exchange” on Thursday, December 2, at 1 PM EST. Sohn discussed the results of’s November Recruiter Index and the surging demand for recruiters. 

Sohn introduced the expression, Great Reevaluation, to explain how employees are approaching the current job market. “We think companies and employees are really reevaluating when they want to go back, how they want to go back, how should they get paid,” he explained. 

While the demand for recruiters continues to increase, so does the percent of recruiters who are working to fill roles within the 40K-80K salary range. “Back in August about 22 percent of recruiters reported that their roles were in that salary range (40K-80K), that’s now over 34 percent,” according to Sohn.


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