RECRUITER UPDATES CEO Evan Sohn and Jon Najarian Discuss the Current Job Market

Company Updates CEO Evan Sohn and Jon Najarian Discuss the Job Market

Oct 25, 2021 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina CEO Evan Sohn joined Jon Najarian at NASDAQ to discuss the Great Resignation and how the job market has changed over the years. 

Sohn states that in the midst of the Great Resignation, the demand for recruiting has increased by 10%, according to’s September Recruiter Index.

The Great Resignation has begun to show us that it is currently a candidate’s market. They know what they want and are beginning to tell the employer, instead of the other way around. “Reality from this past index was only 31% of the candidate’s prioritized compensation, so 69% of candidates were prioritizing nontangibles: work-life balance, remote work, and new experiences,” explained Sohn. 

Sohn tells Jon that he believes the job hopper economy is here to stay. “60% of all millennials are willing to leave their job before the first year,” he reported, “Companies need to be thinking about having a constant stream of potential candidates to fill their own workforce.”


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