Starting our Next Chapter on Nasdaq

Grateful for every step of our journey from idea to listing on Nasdaq

Company Updates Starting our Next Chapter on Nasdaq

Jul 02, 2021 / by  Miles Jennings
Miles Jennings


I am thrilled to announce an incredible milestone. is a publicly-traded company on the Nasdaq (NASDAQ: RCRT)! This is a monumental event for our company and a significant achievement for everyone involved. What an incredible journey it has been!

As we head into this Fourth of July weekend, fireworks are appropriate! We will celebrate by being thankful — thankful for our liberties and limitless opportunities, thankful for all that we have and all that we are now set to accomplish. 

I am so grateful for the incredible perseverance, vision, and diligence of our CEO, Evan Sohn, and for the hard work of my colleagues, friends, advisors, investors, and even family members who have participated on the road of’s rise. I am also grateful today for the opportunity to do good work in the years ahead: connecting people to jobs they love and helping businesses like our own realize their aspirations for the future by recruiting talent faster.

We believe we now have a chance for incredible growth and the power to effect substantive change. We are grateful for the gift of this opportunity and hungry for the challenges ahead.

Who We Are Today stands poised today to play a role in the Great Rehiring effort to get America back to work after a year of tremendous change and challenge. As millions of Americans evaluate their places in the new economy and learn next-generation skills, we will match these people with great opportunities.

  • What do we do? Employers come to when they need help keeping up with hiring demand. This can be when a startup raises money and needs to scale or when an enterprise client constantly needs a high volume of talent. 
  • Why do we do this? Our foundational principle is that recruiting is a people business. Our team is on a mission to open doors for people. We do this the best way we know: Instead of connecting people to jobs, we connect people to people. 
  • How do we do this? Our artificial-intelligence-powered sourcing platform and video-enabled screening tools give our clients the ability to recruit talent faster than ever before. Our network of approximately 30,000 recruiters allows our clients to rapidly onboard on-demand recruiters, whether they need a month of extra hiring help or a major talent acquisition initiative.

Looking ahead, our business opportunity lies in continuing to develop our innovative hiring and sourcing software platform and expanding our on-demand recruiter network into a leading method of hiring professional recruiting talent. 

Climbing Mountains

My technical Co-Founder, Ashley Saddul, is the kind of person who climbs icy mountains and jumps out of airplanes, while I am the type who doesn't like climbing a ladder above the fourth rung. You need this mix of personalities to make things work. Just about a decade ago, Ashley was going on a backpacking trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, to climb said icy mountain. I remember him joking then that maybe in ten years, we would open up a office in Iceland.

A decade later, we have not opened that ill-advised Icelandic office, but we have truly climbed that icy mountain. I believe it was Jeff Bezos who said, "All overnight success takes about ten years." There is nothing magic about a decade of time, but that period seems strongly correlated with positive outcomes. You need the compounding effect of ten years of a team's constant hard work to build something of great value and a system capable of exponential growth.

When we brought into a public listing on the OTCQB market, many asked me why I would take such a path, which involves governance issues, tremendous administrative burdens, and financial strains. The answer now is clear: We did it precisely for the challenges and were in part forged by that fire. As a public company, matured in the past couple of years, and our management team evolved and stretched.

We believe we're now ready to solve recruiting and hiring challenges at a much grander scale and interact with a much broader audience and network. In other words, we're prepared to make a significant impact. 

Always Growing

When I was eight, I wanted to be a scientist. At eighteen, something like a writer. At twenty-eight, an awesome salesperson. At thirty-eight, I wanted to be the CEO of a unicorn startup. Now at forty-three, I am wise enough to no longer obsess over the question of what I'm going to be when I grow up. The real, meaningful purpose is in the growing-up itself.

Our listing on Nasdaq is a keystone moment for You might even say we're now a grown-up company. In truth, our growing up is very far from over. We have simply marked a new beginning — or in keeping with the growth analogy, penciled a new height mark on the doorway.

I look forward to us growing faster in every way, and this is what fills me with anticipation. I look forward to continuing to evolve our AI software product with new features. I look forward to doubling our network of recruiters and then doubling it again. I look forward to meeting and getting to know new team members, clients, and users.

We have an important name to grow into. represents an entire profession and a vibrant, hundred-billion-dollar industry. We will grow into our name and realize the potential of our brand by continuing to work smart and hard while remembering that people are at the heart of this business.

We are constantly growing, and we will continue to do so. And what a time we've picked to grow up in! Never before have jobs been such a key part of the national dialogue. We're excited to be part of the conversation, and we look forward to mobilizing around such a critical mission.

A big congratulations to the team! We look forward to the next chapter of our journey together!

- Miles Jennings, Founder & COO




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