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Jun 01, 2022 / by  Evan Sohn
Evan Sohn

One person can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one person cannot make a team." — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

You can find many quotes about the value of partnerships, but their essence is usually how partnerships compound value; they can make one plus one equal more than two.

At, we have partnered with many fantastic companies to build the future of work. We have partnered with global employer of records (EOR) technology platforms like Oyster and Deel, background check companies like Karmacheck, and payroll and HR solutions like ADP. Our partnerships and relationships have been vital in our expansion and helped us grow past $20M last year. 

We recognized that we need others to best tackle new industries and drive greater value for our clients and prospects. Through our network of over 40,000 freelance and independent recruiters, we had the opportunity to speak with many incredibly talented recruiters. We heard firsthand their challenges in addressing their customer issues and needs. We also listened to their challenges in being a "start-up" or "small business." Scaling their businesses often meant risking their capital or requiring them to spend more time running their business instead of driving their business.

We learned that independent recruiters are spending at least 80% of their time finding and qualifying candidates for their open positions and often less than 20% of their time in meaningful conversations with clients and candidates. However, all of the recruiters we spoke to agreed that if they had more time to spend with clients and less time sourcing candidates, they would be driving more success for themselves and facilitating more and better talent connections.

With this in mind, we launched our Elite Partner Program. Designed for the experienced recruiter (both success fee-based recruiters and freelance contract recruiters), the Elite Partner Program allows the individual or the boutique firm to scale their business. The partnership helps reduce the time spent on candidate sourcing and administrative overhead, freeing up more time for strategic client relationships. 

One example of such success is our new partnership with Green Rhino Recruitment of Scottsdale, AZ. Liz Pike, President of Green Rhino, was attracted to the notion of having a team to support her client opportunities. Having recently been named 40 under 40 in the Payments Industry, Liz was flush with new and existing client opportunities. While in the past, Liz would have had to turn away many of these clients, today, with the partner support from, Liz can move forward with the knowledge that she is supported by:

  1. A talent delivery team for recruiter on-demand needs
  2. A talent sourcing team to proactively find passive candidates 
  3. A dedicated talent advisor to assist with her job searches, including screening and scheduling
  4. A complete finance department for billing and collections has two powerful talent acquisition tools: a new AI-powered Software for sourcing and engaging candidates across 160M profiles and recruiters on demand, a freelance marketplace of over 40,000 independent recruiters who work on assignments for clients augmenting their in-house talent acquisition teams. Green Rhino and Liz now have full access to use these tools and offer them to her clients as a strategic reseller.

So what does this mean for Liz? She said, "I used to spend 80% of my time sourcing candidates and 20% of my time actually speaking with clients and candidates. My partnership with flips that metric. I now spend closer to 10% of my time on candidate sourcing. Our partnership allows me to take on more clients and drive more successful placements."

So what's next? 

Given Liz’s experience in the payment industry (as well as my decade-plus experience working with Verifone, Poynt, and others), we will be launching a Career Community focused on the Payment Sector. This is more than just a job board, as a Career Community where people (entry-level to experienced) go to learn more about the industry, participate in networking events, see a wide variety of opportunities across different aspects of the industry, get special offers from 3rd party providers in the industry and lot more. We expect to be launching a Payments Career Community in June, so stay tuned.

I am constantly reminded of the value of partnerships, and I look forward to building success with Liz and others. Reach out if you are interested in partnership opportunities!


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