Product Update: One-Click Candidate Permission

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Product Update: One-Click Candidate Permission

Feb 12, 2020 / by  Miles Jennings
Miles Jennings

Job Market Platform Update

We rolled out an update for the Job Market platform today! This was an incremental roll-out after our larger product launch about two weeks ago, that contained a number of major new process changes to the candidate submission workflow.

The major new feature of this launch was allowing candidates a "one-click" way to give their permission to be submitted to a job by a recruiter.

Real World Recruiting

A very common use case in recruiting is when a recruiter calls a candidate on the phone and discusses a role with them. After the discussion, the recruiter wants to submit the candidate, and so on the platform, they send a job invite. The candidate, rather than reviewing the job again and entering more information, can now just click "Give Permission Now" to be ready for submission immediately without any further fuss.

This reflects the real-world scenario of recruiters having strong relationships with certain candidates, and representing the same candidate for perhaps multiple jobs. Our employers still receive 100% opted-in candidates, so they know they are receiving only interested candidates that have given their full permission for representation.

Coming Up on

We are continuing active improvement of the platform. Recruiters, in the coming weeks, look for new ways to improve and promote your professional profiles, and better tracking of your candidates throughout the recruitment process. Additionally, look for new ways to signal your interest and availability for Recruiters on Demand projects.

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