How to Outsource Prolonged Hiring Efforts

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How to Outsource Prolonged Hiring Efforts

Feb 08, 2020 / by  Morgan Gibbons

When you’re looking to take on new employees over an extended period of time, you might want to consider outsourcing the process to an external recruiter. Long-term recruitment can suck up a lot of time and resources, but using a third party to handle your hiring needs might just be the perfect solution. Many companies never stop taking new applications, especially when high volume hiring is necessary to fill the roles you require. Rather than completing a repetitive hiring process in house, you can outsource your company’s recruitment to an external organization.

Replacing employees is a time-consuming business, especially if your business has a high turnover of applicants. Finding fully qualified candidates with the skills you need can be a struggle, but professional recruiters can make the whole process so much easier. Many successful businesses use RPO to outsource prolonged hiring efforts, so read on to find out how this can make running your business easier.  

What is RPO?

RPO, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, is where an employer hires an external service or company to take care of all recruitment. It’s not uncommon for a representative of your RPO company to be in control of all of a company’s staff and their management, taking full responsibility for the success of new employees. RPO differs from standard external recruitment in this way, as they have a much larger interest in seeing their applicants successful. If a business and a recruiter can work together successfully, both will greatly benefit the other. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing involves helping you as a company to improve your hiring techniques, leaving you more likely to end up with a qualified candidate in the right position. Recruiters are experts in employing and retaining the best people for your job, making future hiring efforts easier too. RPO makes high volume hiring easier as well, no matter how many applicants. The most successful businesses are always on the lookout for new talent, as it’s necessary to remain at the forefront of your industry. That’s why RPO is so useful: it always ensures only top candidates are employed. Your company should always be in the best position to receive the most qualified for the job. 

How does recruitment process outsourcing work?

You might wonder how RPO differs from your business' regular hiring process; using the services of an external recruiter can make a huge difference to your company. Although you can use RPO services at any time, they’re especially useful for high volume hiring. For example, if your company has relocated, a recruiter can help recruit qualified candidates to fill specific roles. Similarly, if you’re starting a new project and need professionals with niche skills, RPO can help find the right people. More than 45% of global employers struggle to find candidates with the necessary skills for the job, and using RPO can raise your chances of finding a qualified professional. 

The great thing about using Recruitment Process Outsourcing in your company is that it’s completely customizable, and can be adjusted to perfectly suit your business' needs. If you need to take on a new large workforce, then all responsibilities can be passed on to the third party. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a single person to fulfill an important position, a recruiter can help source only the most qualified candidates and then pass the final decision along to you. 

RPO can operate under your company’s existing guidelines for new employees, or they can apply their expertise in recruitment to your situation. Third-party recruiters can work side by side with your in-house human resources department to get the best possible results from your hiring effort. 

What does an RPO do?

There’s an expansive range of services that many RPO firms offer, it’s not just about filling vacancies within your company. As well as finding qualified candidates, your recruiter also helps streamline many other processes within your company. Let’s delve into some of the many ways an RPO can be useful to your company.

  • Taking on new employees: First and foremost, an RPO contact is there to help with everything you need during the hiring process. From preparing the job advert to evaluating the results, RPO will assist with any task that leads to the right candidate in your employ. 
  • Integrating new technology: An RPO contact can help your business step forward into the future, introducing new tools to find and retain talented employees. RPO should show your business how to be better at hiring new employees, and share industry knowledge in partnership. 
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress: You can view your hiring process over time with data provided by your RPO contact, allowing you to check up on new hires and their successes. Not only can this improve the way you operate as a company, but you should be able to use the information to improve your hiring process in the future. 
  • Consulting services: RPO firms are industry experts in every aspect of recruitment, and can offer additional advice should your company need it. A good RPO firm should be able to offer simple and effective suggestions to improve your hiring process for the future. 

The use of RPO is a true asset to your company and can be beneficial in many ways. For example, a startup company run by a new business owner can benefit from the experience of RPO companies, as they can provide guidance to those new to hiring employees. Especially when it comes to high volume hiring, RPO can provide much-needed insight to get your business off the ground. 

Similarly, if your business is in need of a particular professional, RPO can help you track down the right candidate. This is where RPO companies differ most from recruitment agencies, as they are experts in sourcing professionals rather than job seekers. If your hiring efforts in the past have been less than successful, then your recruiter can provide feedback on your system and make plenty of improvements. Prolonged hiring efforts can be a black hole of money and resources if you don’t outsource them. However, using RPO means you can fully trust your recruiter to provide the employees that your business truly needs. 

How to use RPO to outsource prolonged hiring efforts

If you’ve decided to try outsourcing your recruitment, there are a few options to consider. Finding the right professional to fill an open position in your company holds plenty of challenges, so choosing the right hiring solution is important if you want to be successful. A simple recruitment agency could find a new employee quickly and easily, but it’s much harder to source candidates with genuine talent. 

RPO can instead find the perfect candidate, already armed with the right skills and qualifications. However, the responsibilities don’t stop once the position is filled; a good RPO company should monitor the progress of new hires and provide feedback in order to perfect the system of partnership between a recruiter and your company. Using RPO should benefit your bottom line as well as helping with recruitment, finding ways to reduce costs and increase productivity. 

The first step in using RPO is selecting the right third-party to trust with this important aspect of your business. Check out Recruiter On Demand to get an idea of the standard. Remember, in using RPO, you’re partnering your company with another in order to mutually reap the benefits. Make sure you select a recruiting company that reflects your company values and can be successful in achieving your goals. 

With, you get set up with a recruiter that is specialized in your field, dedicated to formulating a recruitment strategy, building job listings, and finding potential candidates. Remember, finding new hires is a lengthy and involved process, it takes 27 days on average to employ a new worker, however, using Recruiter on Demand can ease this burden and streamline the process. Depending on how involved you’ve decided your in-house hiring team will be, the RPO will produce a narrowed-down list of the best candidates for the job. 

Throughout the process of eliminating unsuitable candidates, your designated recruiter will communicate suggested interview questions and evaluation methods to help make the final decision. Your recruiter will also be present after hiring for all the following tasks and duties; they can run background checks, monitor the progress of your new hire, and then collect feedback from those involved. This data will be used to make any necessary improvements to the recruitment process, in order for a smoother and more effective result next time. 

Know what you want first

From helping write job postings to performance evaluations, your business needs to decide on a degree of involvement from your Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Before you make a decision, read what you should consider before hiring an RPO firm. There is a huge range of services you can benefit from using RPO, you only need to outline the most important areas for improvement to achieve your employment goals. 

If you choose to use RPO services, make sure you take full advantage of their knowledge. At Recruiter, we have a wealth of industry know-how that could revolutionize your whole company. Use RPO to make your business’ employment process as perfect as possible, and both employer and employee will enjoy the benefits.

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