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New Offer - Earn Money for each Approved Candidate

Jun 24, 2020 / by  Miles Jennings
Miles Jennings

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Earning while RecruitingNew Offer - Earn Money by Submitting Approved Candidates

We have a saying around - that our north star is helping recruiters. Anything we build or offer has to help recruiters in some way: for example, by helping them earn money, further their careers, or to connect with candidates and employers in new ways. Especially considering the environment that we are all in together, we want to accelerate how we help recruiters earn money and improve our overall platform activity incentive program.

The jobs on the platform offer recruiters success-based fees based on placements - meaning your submitted candidate has to get the job to receive a payment. Frequently, recruiters provide very well-qualified candidates, but for whatever reason, they are rejected, or the job requirements change. It can be frustrating for the recruiters on our platform, and we empathize with this frustration. We want to compensate recruiters throughout the recruitment process instead, which better reflects the work involved in the sourcing and recruiting process.

$25 per Approved Candidate

Today, we're starting a new program that will pay recruiters for every candidate submission that we approve to send to our clients. We are currently setting the payout at $25 per approved submission for the first four approved candidates that you submit to each job. For example, if you work on a job and submit four approved candidates, you'll be guaranteed to earn $100. If you then work on another job and submit two approved candidates, you would earn $50, for a total of $150. If your candidate ends up getting placed, there are of course much higher success-based fees.

We are launching this test program with no small print or gotchas. The only caveat is that we are just testing this out in two week cycles, may change the amounts or add more formal program terms at any time, and may limit our test to the first $10,000 in payments. After that, we'll evaluate, but we hope to make this an essential part of our business model going forward, and a critical component to compensating active recruiters.

Payments from approved submissions will be processed on a bi-weekly basis, using direct deposit. Members in certain international locations may not have direct deposit available, and may be subject to additional transaction fees.

Let's Get Recruiting!

We feel this new incentive method better rewards activity and engagement on our platform, which is key to our business. In short, we consider the recruiters on the platform as all part of the same team, and we want to compensate the recruiters that work on our jobs. We'll move a step closer to our north star - helping recruiters.

As always, thanks to everyone who participates with us online and in conversations with us every day. Please reach out to with any additional questions.

... and one more thing: it starts today!



Written by Miles Jennings

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