RECRUITER UPDATES Joins the Deep Leadership Podcast 

Company Updates Joins the Deep Leadership Podcast

Jun 07, 2022 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina’s CEO, Evan Sohn, joined the Deep Leadership podcast with Jon S. Rennie, to discuss changes that are taking place during the job market and how companies can retain employees post COVID.

Sohn refers to the Great Resignation as the Greater Resignation, arguing that employees have always been leaving their jobs, but the velocity at which they do so has increased. 

“We predicted the Greater Resignation to be over around the summer and we’re seeing it happen,” said Sohn, “But it is going to be replaced with the job hopper economy.” 

Sohn believes the job hopper economy is here to stay as employees evaluate their priorities and don’t hesitate to look for new opportunities that may better align with their wants. 

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