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CEO Evan Sohn joins Mission Matter Podcast with Adam Torres

Nov 01, 2021 / by  Nicole Gallina
Nicole Gallina

CEO Evan Sohn Joins Adam Torres on Mission Matters Podcast CEO Evan Sohn joined Adam Torres on the Mission Matters podcast to discuss the post-pandemic economy and how to help people get back to work. 

Sohn tells Torres that his main mission is, “How can I help the economy to get back up and running … Who better than to help the millions of people get back to work?”

Sohn and Torres discuss the job hopper economy and the increase of side hustles. “The reality is that this virtual environment that we are in today is really making everyone have more hours to work,” explained Sohn. 

Sohn also touched on the shortage of talent from the employer’s side. Companies have been seeing a larger churn and are struggling to hire fast enough. He explains that companies need to increase their candidate pipeline and invest in talent acquisition professionals

“You have no stigma in leaving, there are no geographical barriers anymore and everyone needs somebody,” he explains the reasoning behind the employee shortage. 

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