Accelerate Your Recruiting with Amplify

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Accelerate Your Recruiting with Amplify


Today’s competitive job market has left recruiters with a huge task on their hands. But, is here to help take the stress out of your next search. Learn more about our recruiting solutions today!

We’re excited to share the launch of our new product, Amplify. A new tool to help supercharge your talent outreach, ensuring your job posting reaches large numbers of highly qualified candidates. This way you’ll have more time to focus on candidate engagement.

So, what exactly does it do and how can it help in your recruiting efforts?

“'s new Amplify product should help employers reach out at scale to millions of people, transforming a simple job post into a sophisticated recruitment marketing campaign," said Xuan Smith, CTO of

Recruiting Has Never Been Easier

Amplify is used by companies who are posting jobs on websites such as MediaBistro, and OneWire. It takes a typical job post and magnifies it using the sourcing tool.

This sourcing tool creates searches for specific jobs. It then pulls qualified candidates from all over the internet and automatically emails them about the position. These emails drive the candidate to the job posting by including a link they can click on. In other words, this time-saving solution amplifies the job opportunity, allowing hiring managers to proactively find more qualified candidates faster. It’s just that simple.

Recruit Faster with Amplify

Amplify also comes with preset searches that are available and easy to use for more general media opportunities. This allows hiring managers to move quickly and start leveraging the tools to find talent efficiently as they become more comfortable using Amplify.

Because the searches are specific to each position, Amplify is able to pull the most qualified candidates. This is like skipping the first round of interviews - and it will save you time.

“Simply posting up a job and waiting for responses is not enough these days,” said Evan Sohn, CEO of “You need proactive outreach programs that use outbound marketing techniques to ‘sell’ the job to your candidates. And that's really what Amplify does.”

While currently only available for purchase by employers looking to hire media and creative talent, there are plans to expand to other verticals in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about Amplify and what it can do for your business, reach out to us here about your recruiting needs.

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Written by Miles Jennings

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