8 Fantastic Benefits of Utilizing a Part-Time Recruiter

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8 Fantastic Benefits of Utilizing a Part-Time Recruiter

Feb 08, 2020 / by  Morgan Gibbons

As a business, you have to be careful about optimizing your resources at every turn. Whether you’re revving up profit margins or bringing in new talent, there are techniques you can use to save money and be more effective. Hiring new employees can cost your business a lot of time and money, but using a recruiter can connect you directly with the best-suited candidates. This is especially important for high volume hiring which can suck up much-needed company resources; using a part-time recruiter and can make the whole process run smoothly. 

Businesses who properly utilize recruitment agencies will reap the benefits; from better access to job candidates to an easier interview process, it’ll make hiring new employee’s a breeze. Read on to discover some of the many reasons you should consider using a remote recruiter job today. 

1. Recruiters help you find the right person for the job

Using recruiters can give you a direct link to the ideal candidate for your vacancy. As recruitment agencies are used by both businesses looking for new talent, and professionals seeking employment, a recruiter is in the perfect position to connect the right person to your business. There are hundreds of resumes out there, and an open job posting could incur a huge excess of unsuitable applications. Recruiters can filter out candidates which don’t fit the role and instead narrow it directly down to the best-suited professionals.

Many potential employees will already be registered with a recruitment organization, which means they will already have been interviewed, had their resumes checked, and been approved ahead of time. This can make your process faster, especially for high volume hiring, as many applicants can be pre-approved. You’ll be led directly to the candidates with the best qualifications, who already have the skills and experience you’re looking for. You can easily pass over potential employees who don’t have enough IT knowledge or customer service experience, narrowing down options in a quick and easy process. 

2. Save vital time and money by using a recruitment agency 

Everyone in business knows that time is money, and hiring new talent can be an incredibly lengthy process. Not only do you have to spend time identifying the right candidate, but you waste much more eliminating unsuitable ones. Recruiters can help your business reserve valuable resources by doing all the leg work for you. An open job advertisement can prompt countless unsuitable applications that management will then spend hours sorting, however filling vacant roles using a recruitment service can save a lot of valuable time. 

Part-time recruiters can study the requirements for your opening, and find only the best professionals for the job. You’ll have access to the best options without having to separate them from the crowd. As recruiters often have many candidates waiting for appropriate vacancies, it’ll even cut down on your waiting time as an employer to fill the position. Recruitment agencies can connect your business to the right candidate without wasting any time at all.  

3. Part-time recruiters can help your company remain anonymous

There are numerous reasons a business might need their job posting to remain private. Whether you need to fill a sensitive position or hire with a discrete process, a third-party recruiter can provide the services you need. Recruitment agencies allow you to search for a new employee while remaining in full control of how much information is shared. If you’re filling a position of an employee yet to leave, or you’re a business who requires discretion, using a recruiter could be just what you need.

There’s also less risk involved when you use a third party agency instead of hiring direct. If an application doesn’t work out, you as an employer will be more protected. Also, there are plenty of circumstances where only the successful candidate should be given all the information about a company, whereas most who apply don’t need to know the details. Part-time recruiters can help maintain a degree of separation between applicants and your business until the ideal candidate has been found. 

4. Advertise directly to your target professionals

When your business posts a job advert publicly, such as on a website like Indeed, the vast majority of those who view the position aren’t suitable and won’t apply. Digital advertising is a popular way to get your vacancy seen by the masses, however, a remote recruiter job can ensure your vacancy advertisement is targeted directly at those most suitable for the job. Instead of revealing a job posting to anyone who looks, you can direct the vacancy towards candidates who have the right skills and experience.

Recruitment agencies can also help you to advertise vacancies more effectively; as hiring professionals they’re experts in writing and streamlining job adverts. With a previously established database of potential employees, recruiters can offer excellent job opportunities to those who might never have seen your advert otherwise. This includes people who may not even be looking for new employment, but by using a recruitment agency, you can find the perfect person for your role. 

5. Recruitment agencies have existing databases of potential hires

The best recruitment agencies have well-stocked databases of potential employees already lined up, which eliminates the first step of the process straight away. When it comes to high volume hiring, this element is incredibly valuable. Already, there will be a well-qualified pool of candidates ready and waiting to start work, so you can bring on the workforce you need as efficiently as possible. 

As mentioned earlier, recruitment agencies have special access to a passive market of potential employees; professionals who aren’t currently searching for a new role, but who might be perfect for yours. More than 70% of today’s job seekers fit into this category, they’re only passively looking for a job. Recruiters are in the perfect position to reach out to these potential candidates for your business which is a huge advantage if you’re searching for someone with specific skills. 

6. Part-time recruiters are hiring experts

When you use a recruiter to fill positions at your company, you gain privileged access to the knowledge of industry professionals. As experts when it comes to bringing in new employees, recruitment agencies can make sure you find the person for your job niche. Many recruitment agencies are specialized for certain work sectors, so job candidates with the skills you need are more accessible. 

As experts in the field of recruitment, agencies can streamline your job advert and make sure it’s seen by those you’re targeting, and even help your candidates to make their CV more relevant. Utilizing a part-time recruiter is beneficial to both sides in the hiring process, making everything more streamlined and helping to avoid common problems. This includes details like salary negotiation and other specifics, as recruiters can help bridge the gap between business and employee, and provide insight into the industry standard. 

7. Recruiters can pre-interview potential candidates

One huge benefit of using a third-party recruiter is that the agency will vet potential employees beforehand and filter out clearly unsuitable candidates. This means you as a business will only connect with pre-approved applicants, and won’t waste time meeting people who don’t have the skills for the job. This also goes beyond the resume, as applicants who come across well on paper might not be suitable after a meeting in person. 

If you need high volume hiring, then a lengthy interview process for each applicant just isn’t a smart use of resources. Rather than doing endless interviews, your business can meet with only those applicants who have a high chance of success. A part-time recruiter could be just what you need to speed up and perfect your company’s hiring process. 

8. Recruitment agencies protect your employer branding

As well as helping to present the best applicants to you as an employer, recruitment agencies will ensure your branding as a business remains positive and intact. This means your brand will come across in an attractive way, to entice your target professionals into employment. Businesses put a lot of effort into design and development, and a recruitment agency will preserve this impression to make sure the whole process remains professional at all times. 

How you present yourself as an employer has a huge impact on the caliber of your applicants, so use an agency to recruit in the most professional way possible. If you want to hire the very best professionals for your vacancy, then appealing as a successful business is important. Recruiters can help maintain an air of professionalism when advertising to new people, giving your company the greatest chance of finding the right new hire. Branding is of the utmost importance in this day and age, including when it comes to recruitment. 


As you can see, the benefits of utilizing a part-time recruiter apply to everyone. Recruitment agencies make sure your company comes across well, they make the best connections between businesses and professionals, and overall can make your hiring process so much easier. Whether you’re searching for a specific skill set, or need lots of applicants for high volume hiring, using a recruiter is the ideal solution. 

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