10 LinkedIn Newsletters Recruiting Professionals Should Follow

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10 LinkedIn Newsletters Recruiting Professionals Should Follow

Nov 29, 2021 / by


Being “in the know” is near to the heart of every recruiter and talent acquisition professional.

LinkedIn, besides being the go-to tool for sourcing candidates, has evolved into a great place to find new trends and breaking news - very much like Twitter or Facebook without your Uncle's annoying political posts.

You may not know that LinkedIn hosts newsletters as well as blogs and update sharing. You can subscribe to these newsletters to receive insights from top business professionals.

And yes, here at, we have our very own LinkedIn newsletter. Founder and President Miles Jennings writes his weekly newsletter on recruiting and talent management topics. He's interested in management, entrepreneurship and the future of work, so his posts every week will give you some cool topics to ponder.

These are some of the top LinkedIn newsletters for recruiting and talent acquisition professionals.

1. Miles Jennings: People Business

Insights on recruiting, hiring and management helping leaders grow their businesses and build amazing teams

2. Bob Glazer: #Elevate

#Elevate focuses on leadership, building capacity, and reaching potential.

3. George Anders, Workforce Insights

Regular insights about the U.S. economy and today's job outlook, powered by LinkedIn's unique data resources.

4. Paul Millerd, Reimagine Work

Exploring our relationship with work, questioning conventional wisdom and imagining a more human future of work

5. Bruce Anderson, Recruiting Roundtable

An exchange of best practices and strategic insights for talent acquisition professionals

6. Adam Grant: The Worklife Podcast Club

Exploring how to make work not suck. It's like a book club, only for podcasts

7. Andrew Seaman: Get Hired

A newsletter focused on helping you land your next job.

8. Caroline Fairchild, Working Together

A weekly newsletter on equity in the workplace from LinkedIn News

9. Shana Lebowitz Gaynor, HR Insider

Advice and insights about getting hired, landing a promotion, and crafting your dream job

10. Paul Estes, Gig Economy

Insights into the Gig and Creator economies


LinkedIn newsletters are yet another reason for recruiters to hang out on LinkedIn! LinkedIn Newsletters are also a private way to subscribe to email lists as well since LinkedIn hides your email address from the newsletter authors.

What are some other cool LinkedIn newsletters that recruiting professionals would be interested in? Drop us a note at and let us know!


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